Keratin Hair Treatment

What is Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is an innovative method to get smooth and straight hair, healthy and shiny with a silky texture. Keratin treatment is here to put an end to frizzy hair and give your hair rich volume, but also to reconstruct the hair in depth thanks to the powerful action of the structural protein keratin and the other beneficial ingredients it contains.

Our hair is significantly harmed daily by the sun, heat and chemical ingredients, resulting in the keratin already present in our body being destroyed and hair becoming lifeless and dull with split ends. But thanks to the revolutionary technology of keratin treatment, micromolecules of keratin enter the hair through heat and integrate with natural keratin, considerably protecting your hair whether it has been damaged by bleaching, constant dyeing or even highlights.

For which hair types is Keratin Hair Treatment is suitable?

Keratin treatment is suitable for the curliest hair, too, with visible results from day one, which can last up to six months. You save time and money as keratin treatment can help you get rid of the daily time-consuming straightening and frequent hair repair treatments that can be detrimental to your body and hair in the long run.

How we use Keratin Hair Treatment in our hair saloon

We use only high-quality products, which include those of Amazon and Nanokeratin System that come with a certificate of authenticity, and we customize keratin treatments based on the needs and preferences of each individual client. Contact us to find out which keratin treatment is right for you.

Hair expert Aris Kalathakis and Creative Team of Hair Professionals believe that the benefits of keratin hair treatment are multiple, and the results of satisfied customers around the world prove the rule.