Aris Kalathakis & Creative Team of Hair Professionals comprises skilled professionals who have been offering hairdressing and hair care services since 2006 in Heraklion, Crete, in a modern hair salon facility that goes by the same designation. The journey up to its formation and establishment has been a path full of memories, experiences, traveling and training that goes on to this day, having set professionalism, elegance and innovation as common denominators throughout its history.

History and evolution

One can tell that this is essentially an artistic wander that could not lead to any other path than that of hairdressing. Actually, the first exposure to hairdressing for the hairstylist Aris Kalathakis took place in his middle childhood, when at age ten, every Saturday, he would visit his father’s barber shop at 1866 Street, which operated from 1943 to 2002. In addition to earning tips and taking care of the customers following their haircuts, meticulously observing his father while working and taking into account the important pieces of advice of the latter contributed decisively to his stimulus for becoming a professional hairdresser in the long run.

Heritage and evolution

Born and raised to hairdresser parents, his constant approach to learning through experimentation began in high school, giving friends and relatives his first haircuts. Thoroughly committed to his attempt for development and gaining knowledge, he completed his hairdressing studies in 1996. While searching for and shaping his artistic identity, he was greatly influenced by distinguished international institutions, such as those of Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. Having worked for two years in a hair salon, he went on with his first business venture purchasing a business facility.

This marked the beginning of a particularly fruitful era, involving participation in local trade fairs with international artists and seminars in Greece and abroad, such as Facial Analysis and Master Color under the auspices of Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy and Redken in New York, Las Vegas and Berlin. His three-year experience as a Redken artist-instructor has been very constructive and has laid solid foundations for his involvement in hairdressing in terms of teaching.