Who we are

Aris Kalathakis & Creative Team of Hair Professionals comprises skilled professionals who have been offering hairdressing and hair care services since 2006 in Heraklion, Crete, in a modern hair salon facility that goes by the same designation. The journey up to its formation and establishment has been a path full of memories, experiences, traveling and training that goes on to this day, having set professionalism, elegance and innovation as common denominators throughout its history.

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One of the best hair salons I have tried. They show real interest in serving the different needs of the customer with planning and follow up! Excellent professionals, fully informed of the latest developments in their field and with continuous participation in Greece and abroad, in seminars and fashion events! Well done!

Artemis Vartholomeou

I just went there without appointment and they asked me to come back after one hour. So I did and got served immediately. Very nice and friendly staff, washing hair and beard cutting and trimming and then again washing. The price of 15€ is very low compared to the great service

Rokko Lombardo

The best not-only-hair artist. I love😍

Eirini Fergadaki

A hair salon with extremely good knowledge and care experience from a group of people who certainly know very well how to serve the client in the best way.

Antonis Vartholomaios