Hair Extensions

What is Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are an excellent solution for you to get the hair you’ve always dreamt of. Extensions allow you to improve the look of your natural hair and your overall appearance whether you want a quick but at the same time striking everyday look or a unique hairstyle for a special occasion.

Length in an instant! With hair extensions you can get long hair in a short time by choosing the length of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to try many different hairstyles without waiting for your hair to naturally grow long. The styling and hairdo options are endless.

Volume that steals the show! Adding extensions, apart from providing extra length, gives you confidence because it enhances your hair with rich volume whether it’s straight or curly. Hair extensions are suitable even in cases of hair loss or when there is thinning and weak hair.

Flexibility and styling! With proper care of the hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about the health and appearance of your hair because extensions are resistant to dye and heat so you can opt for techniques such as ombre, balayage or even babylights without causing damage to your natural hair.

No time to waste! Without much effort thanks to hair extensions, you can get the look of your desired hairstyle in just a few minutes while taking a break from countless styling products and the daily blow-dry, dedicating your precious time to the activities you love instead.

How we use Hair Extensions in our Hair Saloon

In our facility, hair expert Aris Kalathakis and our Creative Team of Hair Professionals use the best quality of hair extensions, which include those of Great Lengths, SHE Hair Extensions and Seamless1, and are here to help you make the choice that’s right for you.